About Qtrac Ltd.

Qtrac Ltd. produces commercial software and can provide Python consultancy and training.

Terms and Conditions available on request.

Contact: mark@qtrac.eu.
Director: Mark Summerfield.

Our domains are www.qtrac.eu and www.diffpdf.com. Both are mapped to our underlying web site which is hosted on Google’s App Engine (GAE) infrastructure at diffpdf.appspot.com. (We do not endorse or recommend GAE.)

Our commercial software normally uses www.qtrac.eu if you request a free trial license key or to buy, with buy requests then being redirected to MyCommerce (order.shareit.com) who provide secure money handling. (Our website never sees or has access to your means of payment.)

Support for our software is via email at support@qtrac.eu, support@qtrac.uk, or support@diffpdf.com.

All of our books are published by InformIT (Pearson Education)

In view of the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act and an abundance of caution, we have withdrawn all our free software.