Site Licenses for PDF Comparison Software

Conveniently use our software on all your computers and virtual machines

When you buy our Annual site license for PDF Comparison Software, you receive a license key that unlike our normal keys is not tied to any particular hardware. The key can be used on any computers or virtual computers under your control—up to 1,000 instances.

Furthermore, unlike our normal keys, a site license key will work with all our PDF Comparison products. This includes ComparePDF, comparepdfcmd, DiffPDF, and diffpdfc.

The price of our Annual site license for PDF Comparison Software is $20,000 USD (or the local equivalent, plus any locally applicable sales taxes).

The Annual site license for PDF Comparison Software can only be purchased through the secure MyCommerce platform: Buy Now.
(Purchasing departments: The Annual site license for PDF Comparison Software's Product ID is 51410-12.)

Once the purchase is complete the confirmation page will show the site license key (which will also be emailed to you). This key must never be disclosed to third-parties (see below). The key should be copied and pasted into a plain text file called qtrac.key. (If using Notepad be sure to set the 'Save as' type to 'All (*.*)', and the 'Encoding' to 'UTF-8'.) This file should then be copied to the same folder as the PDF comparison product's executable (e.g., the folder containing comparepdf.exe or comparepdfcmd.exe or diffpdf.exe or diffpdfc.exe.) This file may be distributed within your organization for up to 1,000 instances.

The site license key and the qtrac.key file containing it must be kept within the purchasing organization (or within the organization the site license was bought for) and protected with due dilligence. The key and the file containing it must never be given or sold to any third-party, and must never be made publically available in any way (e.g., in print, on social media, or the Internet). Note that each site license key is unique to the purchasing customer.

Any versions of ComparePDF and comparepdfcmd will automatically work with the site license. For DiffPDF and diffpdfc, you will need version 5.8.3 (or later) to use them with a site license.

The site license's full terms are in the Site License (21 KB).

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