A samegame/tilefall-like game


The purpose of the game is to remove all the tiles. Click a tile to remove it and any vertically or horizontally adjoining tiles of the same color. (So, clicking a tile with no neighbours of the same color does nothing.) The more tiles that are removed in one go, the bigger the score.

Our best desktop/laptop version of Gravitate remembers your high score between sessions, has many more colors, and allows customizations (e.g., board size). It is written in Rust/FLTK and is available from: gravitate-rs on github.

We also have other desktop/laptop versions available (but these aren't as good as the Rust/FLTK version mentioned above):

And another desktop/laptop version of Gravitate is included with the examples for our book, Python in Practice. That book's examples also include a 3D version of Gravitate.